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Writing in Pictures

Jonas’s Font is a digital typeface. There are drawings for almost 300 words, with the word automatically replaced by a drawing as soon as you type it in. The drawings have all been done by a six-year-old boy. »Love« will remain as impossible to explain as ever, but the word »chair« becomes chair . And you can now compare an apple and a pear.

Type in Words

Always add a space before and after the word so that it becomes an image.

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Download Font File Here

Download Jonas’s Font Free of Charge

You can download the font file here. PC users: simply copy the OpenType font to the »Fonts« folder in Windows or install it using a font management program. Mac users: simply install the OpenType font using Font Book or another font management program.

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A – Z of Words

Almost 300 Drawings in Total

Curious? Then try the font for yourself and be amazed by the fusion of text and image. We recommend that you start by telling a simple story or choosing a fairy tale that you would like to recount. Oh, and what other simple words would you like to see? Feel free to send your suggestions to woerter@typonauten.de.

Have fun reconnecting with your inner child!